Hey guys! I’ve a lot of personal upheaval going on in my life right now, if you are friends with me on fb than you probably already know. So I’ve dragged my arse out of my gloom for a few, to give my awesome readers a sneak peak at WOLF SIGHT, which is soon going to be released! April 1st peeps!!!

Happy Reading Rach XO

Wolf Sight

Chapter One

The day Cage left River Run.

He pictured the tears welling in Katalina’s eyes and rolling down her face when she’d realized he was leaving for good. The image haunted him as he ran from a pack that had once been his home.

He’d nearly crumbled when she’d cried, but the hot, churning anger in his gut made him break Katalina’s heart. Because he’d almost snapped. He’d been so close to lashing out and taking down anyone between him and that damn Dark Shadow alpha. Be it his brother, or Katalina herself.

Cage was losing himself. Day by day his anger grew stronger, and the hold on his humanity slipped.

Making her cry tore at his heart, and leaving his home, his family, was the hardest thing he’d ever had to do. But it was necessary for his survival. Cage was lost. The one constant in his life had been his pack, his home, but the world had shifted on him—knocked his feet from under him and left him yearning at a life he couldn’t have.

Who was he in this new world where blood didn’t spill daily, where the wolves he’d been trained to kill, stood by their side as allies and mates?

Trees whipped past his face, tearing his skin, snagging on his clothes, but Cage didn’t stop. He was outrunning a reality he couldn’t face and a pack that wouldn’t understand the inevitable path he was heading.

This is the only way.

The only way Katalina could be truly happy. The only way the alliance would last.

I’m sorry… Katalina’s voice chased him as he left familiar land and raced into the unknown. He didn’t want to hear her whisper those words again. He didn’t want to see the turmoil and guilt in her eyes anymore.

“This is the only way. She’ll be happy. They’ll all be happy,” he shouted, his fists closing tightly.

He had no plan, no direction to take. Cage allowed his wolf to the surface, holding on just enough to stay in human form. Allowing the world to drop away, he welcomed the blissful silence of the hunter at his core. As long as he kept running, they wouldn’t find him, and he’d not have to face the pack he’d left.