Hey readers! Happy Tuesday 😉 I hope everyone’s week got off to a good start. I’ve mostly been catching up on the boring side of author life, like emails, adding pre-orders and such. But this post is the last on my to do list and then I can hit the words! YAYI’m currently working on Wolf Sight, it’s about two thirds of the way through, and next week I’ll put up a little sneak peak, but for today’s teaser Tuesday I’ve got a bit of Death’s Echo for you!

Happy Reading xo deaths-echo

Excerpt from Death’s Echo

Hands around her throat, lungs on fire, a desperate plea used with her last breath. Aqulla was doused in darkness, sucked into the void where only the last moments of life lingered. Echoes of the past, a mirror into a woman’s violent death.

Kill him, she screamed. Avenge me, she demanded. Her commands pulsed through Aqulla’s blood like her own heartbeat, driving her on, controlling her body. She was death’s tool, a weapon used to wreak vengeance on those who had committed the greatest sin. Her body shifted, claws curling, sharp, lethal weapons ready for use. Aqulla looked into the man’s eyes. He was confused, frightened even. His mouth moved as he formed words, words Aqulla couldn’t make out for the screams in her head. “Coffee,” she read from his lips.

He wants coffee, she thought, feeling detached. Give him death, the voice whispered in her head.

The man clambered to his feet, his chair scraping loudly across the floor, his coffee mug like a barrier between them.

Her heart pounded harder, the screams grew louder. Every cell in her body urged her to make the kill, but a small distant part of Aqulla held back. There remained at least a semblance of control. It took everything in her power to crawl back from the edge. It would have been so much easier to fall. Even as she walked away, the cries for vengeance followed her. Aqulla barged past another waitress, not even registering her presence. Her shoulder crashed into the door leading her out back and then finally alone, she gained enough control to shift back. Sweat coated her skin as if she’d been exercising. Ragged, desperate air rushed into her lungs. She’d been so close to killing him. Her grandmother was right. She’d never live a normal life. Her best hope was to live alone in a remote area. That was if she made it out of the Complex without giving in.

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