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BLURB (Short version, more to come)

After a brutal war between Humans and Metas an uneasy truce is declared in the Seldova solar system. At the conclusion of the treaty signing, the Complex is created on the lone planet, Lorn. The Complex is a blended community of Humans and Metas, all sent to test the waters of a more peaceful existence between the two races. Living under a domed community can only mean one thing for the Humans and Metas. Chaos.
Aqulla Dayshon is a Banshee, she sees death. Feels the last moments of a victims life, senses the echo’s they leave behind. They call for vengeance, and she is helpless to deny their cries, to deny her very nature.
Inside the Complex, the rules are very clear; kill and you’re out. Leaving the Complex could be a death sentence for Aqulla, but can she ignore deaths call?

*Note Meta’s are supernatural creatures 🙂

Release Date: 10th December 2016
Pre-Order Date: 10th November 2016
Genre: SciFi Fantasy Romance

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