I apologize announcing the winners has taken so long. I feel I owe you an explanation but it is one that is difficult for me to write…

I suffer with depression and anxiety, I have for many years but it has been a while since it has affected me this much. Outside forces have been in play, the last 12 months has been filled with highs and many, many lows. My depression as allowed the lows to outshine my highs, has blinded me to the things I have achieved in my writing, so much so, that I have been unable to write… Not even a blog post.

Depression and anxiety are two very different things, they attack in different ways and cripple their victim often silently in a way no other can see. There have been days I’ve not wanted to get out of bed, days anxiety have turned something I once loved into something I feared.

Telling you this has been something I’ve deliberated over for many months. I’m not sure you want to hear about my struggles, I’m not sure anyone will care.

But I have let people down, I have held giveaways and not announced winners. I love my readers and you deserve the truth. I hate that I’ve been unable to do my job as I should. It still amazes me that I can wake up one day feeling great, then the next locked in depressions cruel grip, screaming silently for my body to respond, wishing I could somehow bring myself to get up and do something… anything.

You may have felt this way yourself, or seen someone you love suffer. It isn’t something I would wish on even my worst enemy. The last 12 months have been very hard for me but slowly I have clawed my way back. So please stick with me as I write the next installment of the New Dawn Novels.

I am feeling better. I am beating this. Life is settling. I am writing. The magic spark inside of me that weaves tales has begun to return… slowly. I am living, not surviving.

I must remember…



$5 Giftcards


Kat Smith

Sarah Dale

Catherine Maguire

Wolf Dancer Kindle Book



Ashley Martinez

Bill McNamara

Signed Winter Wolf Paper Back

Maria Mitchell

Signed Wolf Dancer Paper Back

Kristy Heinicke

Signed New Dawn Novels Bundle

Linda Starkey

*All winners will be emailed*

Until next time, happy reading XO