I’ve recently finalized my second draft of the novelette ‘Betrayal’ to add to the Deadwood Hunter box set and now it is with my editor.

It kind of took on a life of it’s own and the short story I intended it to be turned into a 15000 word Novelette (I’m sure you won’t complain!) I should have expected this, as some of you will know Alice likes to talk, and nothing she says is ever wrapped up into a nice, short sentence. This Novelette has also got me thinking of what life is like for Alice after Holocaust. Those who’ve read Holocaust will know she had it rough! So I’ve been scribbling notes and ideas as they come to me, and you’ll be pleased to find out that Alice will be having her own full length novel next year! Very excited for this.

Well that’s it for now, I must go and finish my Woodland Creek Novella. Check back next week for an excerpt of Betrayal.

Happy Reading xo