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Chapter 2


His lungs burned, he’d run so far. With muscles like jelly, Cage had finally exhausted himself enough that the constant swirl of thoughts through his mind had calmed. No one had come close to catching him. He hadn’t expected them to; no one matched him in the pack, except for Jackson. But Cage had a feeling Jackson had let him go. He was his alpha; would have felt Cage’s slow creep toward the point of no return. Cage had no doubts Jackson would find him one day, but Cage had no intention of making it easy for him. He was a natural-born tracker and knew how to hide his trail.

Slowing his pace, Cage dragged much-needed oxygen into his lungs. Letting out a deep breath, his tension eased a little. But he’d only been walking a few minutes when he picked up the one scent he’d not expected to follow him. Cage’s absence would surely make Bass’s life easier, and yet there he was, tracking Cage. For a second he tensed to run, but curiosity got the better of him.

“I should have known it’d be you to find me. Though I can’t understand why?” Cage leaned casually against a tree as Bass appeared, yet the second he saw him, the rage inside him relit. A rage that had taken miles of running to douse.

“I slipped off while River Run argued over their best tactic. No one knows I’m here,” Bass replied, expression neutral, tone relaxed.

“Not even, Kat?”

“Katalina is devastated. She didn’t notice my departure.”

Idiot! She notices everything. “I wouldn’t be so sure. She notices everything when it comes to you.”

“Do not punish her, Cage. Return to your home.”

Laughing bitterly, Cage stiffened, his hands balling into fists behind his back. “This isn’t about her, or anyone else for that matter. I’m leaving for myself.”

“I don’t understand,” Bass replied.

There was genuine perplexity in his tone, but it only enraged Cage further. Straightening, Cage asked, “You wouldn’t. I never understood what Katalina saw in you. Rigid, controlled. Tell me, do you ever take off your mask?”

Bass’s lips twitched to smile as Cage pictured punching the mask from his face.

“I could force you to return,” Bass suggested, as if they were talking about the weather.

Cage snarled in response, bracing to fight. Part of him wanted to fight Bass, go toe to toe and finally see who was the strongest, but still there was that voice that reminded him giving in to those desires would only hurt Katalina. It reminded him why he was leaving, why no one could stop him. “I won’t go easily, Sebastian. I’m losing my mind there. She’s not mine, I know that, but I can’t help how I feel. Maybe Kat’s right. Maybe I do love the idea of her, but it changes nothing. With each day, my rage grows. If I stay, I’ll lose control. I’ll lose myself.”

Cage didn’t wear a mask like Bass. He’d never been skilled at keeping his emotions from his face, so he knew his desperation must have been written in every feature. Yet, he wasn’t expecting Bass’s next words.

“Where will you go?” Bass asked him quietly.

“I’m not sure. Keep running until my feet can’t anymore.”

“I’ll let you go and not tell a soul, even Kat, if you promise me one thing.”

Cage laughed; it was just like Bass to demand something. Arrogant ass. “What’s that?”

“When you find what you’re looking for, come home.”

Bass began his retreat.

“What happens if I find my home?”

“Then bring her, too.”

Please don’t say goodbye forever… Come home when you find her.” Cage shook his head, dislodging Katalina’s last words from his mind. They were all so sure he was looking for someone. Didn’t they understand he was running, not searching?

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