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ebook-wolf-sightTitle: Wolf Sight (Book 3)
Series: New Dawn Novels
Author: Rachel M. Raithby
Release Date: April 2017
Cover Designer: Creation Inspire


The packs have aligned. Peace is here. But it came at a price.

Cage’s world shifted when Katalina arrived but not in the way he’d expected. The pain is tearing him apart, and with each day he loses a piece of himself. Unable to watch her love someone else, Cage see’s no other option but to leave the pack.

Will he find the answers he seeks? Or has he took the wrong path, altering the fate of not just himself, but the pack he’d once called home?

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There are five stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance.

Cage was at denial. He was mourning a life he couldn’t have. It didn’t matter that, that life hadn’t remotely started, or even had a chance too. Katalina had never been his, even before Bass. Cage had pictured her wrong. In his mind, she needed Cage to save her, but in reality Katalina had never needed saving. She was as fierce and as stubborn, as he was. They’d have never worked. It would have gone against his very nature to allow her to run into danger. Just the idea of telling Katalina to stay inside with the weaker members of the pack in times of danger was laughable.

Katalina wasn’t weak, and she’d never stand back and allow others to fight for her. Bass — as much as Cage hated him — understood that. Bass might not like it, but he would never stifle who she was.

Yet Cage mourned her all the same. Katalina had been right; he loved the idea of her. The perfect life he’d mapped out in his head. Take all that away and where did it leave him? He’d mapped out his life, worked to be who he was for a girl that had never existed in the first place.

Denial, grief, loss. That’s what was left.

Cage wandered, a broken man in a wolf’s skin. He wandered so long he’d forgot who he was. He forgot the girl he’d lost, and the life he’d mourned. And eventually even the pain…

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