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Olivia breathed a sigh of relief as Katalina’s dog raced around the corner, and burst through the door. Leaping as Bowen reared back, the dog latched onto his throat and killed him.
Turning back to smile at Nico, Olivia gasped, racing back to him. He’d collapsed to the floor, the wall at his back marked with the trail of his blood as he’d slid down to the concrete.
“Nico.” She reached him, helping him half sit. He smiled dreamily at her. “What are you smiling at?” she asked bewildered.
“You.” Nico reached up, touching an unsteady palm to her cheek. Olivia felt the wetness of his touch as he marked her with his blood. “I’m dying, and your beautiful face is going to be the last thing I see. That’s something to smile about.”
“Help!” Olivia screeched as Nico’s eyes slid shut, “Help him,” she demanded as Bass bent beside her. Not even Bass’s dominant presence could drown out the sudden fear of never seeing Nico look at her again.
“I…f-fine,” Nico said, waving Bass off.
“Kat, tell me you brought your phone?” Bass asked, straightening up.
She bit her lip. “Err, no…I ran here as a wolf.”
“Damn it.”
“Bowen had a phone, and I have my phone. It’s…it’s in my bag, back with… Oh, God, Mark!” Olivia gasped.
“Who’s Mark?” Bass asked as Katalina went in search of Bowen’s phone.
“He’s…” Olivia looked at the floor, not wanting to reveal her secret, yet knew she had no choice. “He’s my dance instructor. Bowen attacked him a few blocks over from here. Oh, I hope he’s alive.”
“Yes,” Olivia whispered, unable to look Bass in the eyes.
“This complicates things.”
“Found it,” Kat called from the other side of the building.
Nico coughed. Olivia helped him sit up further but the coughing increased as blood spluttered from his mouth. “Nico!”
“He’s not healing. Katalina, ring Jackson. Have him bring Karen. You will stay under Jackson’s protection until I come for you. Understand?”
“Yes, I won’t leave, promise.” Katalina wandered off, phone to her ear as she gave instructions over the phone.
“Olivia, come with me. We’ll deal with Mark.”
Olivia’s heart kicked up speed. The thought of being alone with Bass, her alpha, had her wolf in a sudden panic. Forcing air to enter her lungs, she nodded her reply and turned back to Nico. He briefly opened his eyes as she touched his skin and the corner of his mouth lifted up in a smile. “Livy,” he whispered quietly so only she could hear.
Her heart clenched, the hold around her chest tightening painfully as she realized she didn’t want to leave him. “Don’t die,” Olivia whispered back. Leaning forward, she pressed her lips against his. The second they made contact, her whole body filled with warmth, and she knew going through with her plan would be a near impossible task.
“Ready?” Bass asked as she stood, still unable to take her eyes from Nico.
“Yes,” Olivia murmured.
“Kat, can you swap tops with Olivia please? And…you’ve blood on your face, Olivia.”
“This isn’t exactly something you’d normally wear in public, Bass,” Katalina muttered as she pulled the slip over her head.
Olivia didn’t know where to look, her eyes darted nervously around the room before she decided to turn her back and unbutton her shirt. “I-I’ve a jacket in my b-bag,” she stuttered nervously as she gave her shirt to Katalina.
“Let’s go. Kat, stay inside until Jackson arrives and have Bowen taken to River Run. I’d rather not have the pack go into a panic.”
“Understood,” Katalina replied, pressing her lips to his.
“Keep an eye on her.” Bass smiled, patting Arne on the head as they exited the warehouse.
Olivia fiddled nervously with her hands as she walked behind Bass. Her wolf on edge, she felt like a bundle of nerves just waiting to explode. Olivia had been submissive in nature most of her life. She couldn’t remember a time when she had disobeyed orders or been adventurous. Her secret dance lessons were as wild as Olivia got, and even those caused her constant worry and conflict. For the past two years, she’d spent most of the time at war with her decision, but at the end of it all, she’d needed the lessons. After a life of following orders, of being told she wasn’t good enough, she craved this one thing to keep her going, because without dance, Olivia had reached a point where she wondered what the point of living was.
“Olivia, you can walk beside me,” Bass said softly, interrupting her thoughts.
“Sorry,” she mumbled, glancing up at his face and immediately dropping her gaze to the ground.
“There’s no need to apologize. I know I’m your alpha, but you’ve no need to fear me. I only want to help you.”
“No one can help me,” she whispered. Gasping, Olivia clamped her hand over her mouth, not quite believing she’d said those words.
Bass stopped, turning to face her. Olivia froze. Her hands hung at her sides while her fingers trembled as she stared at her feet.
“Olivia,” Bass said gently, reaching out and touching her shoulder.
Instantly, Olivia felt her wolf calm. Slowly, she lifted her head, meeting his eyes.
“I won’t hurt you. I know things haven’t always been pleasant at Dark Shadow, but I plan to change that. I can’t help you unless you talk to me.”
Olivia took a deep breath and nodded. Walking, she told Bass things she’d never told anyone. “Two years ago my school ran a six-week dance program. I joined and told my father I was studying in the library at school. The instructor, Mark, he approached me at the end of the six weeks and said I had talent. He’s been teaching me in secret for the past two years. If my father found out, I’m not sure what he’d do.”
“Why would it bother him so much?”
Olivia remained silent, wondering if she should speak her next words.
“Whatever you tell me will remain between us.”
“My father, he-he doesn’t want to stay within the pack. He says wolves are stuck in the past. He craves the luxuries humans have. I’m his ticket out of Dark Shadow. He’s uneducated so he expects me to study and gain employment, which will keep him in the luxuries he wants. If he found out what I planned…” Olivia shuddered. The thought sent ice-cold fear through her.
“What do you have planned?”
“There’s an audition in four weeks for the chance to earn a spot at School of American Ballet.”
They rounded the corner and Olivia paused. Mark was where he’d been left, slumped on the ground where he’d met her.
Bass brushed her arm, unfreezing her and somehow dissolving her fear. “We’ll discuss your problems later, but I want you to know, if your desires are to leave, I will not stop you, and I’ll make sure your father doesn’t know why you were here.”
“Thank you,” Olivia whispered before rushing to Mark.

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