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He was fading, yet he had to hold on. Bowen had made a mistake in kidnapping Nico; he’d underestimated him, as many often did. Nico may only be a half blood, he might not have the same strength as Bass, but he had one talent, a talent not many knew about. A love for knives.
Sliding his blade free as he forced himself upright, Nico smiled to himself. He was good at concealing weapons. He spent most of his days surrounded by humans, and normal humans didn’t carry weapons.
Forcing one foot in front of the other, Nico crept up behind Bowen. His blood boiled with rage at the sight of Olivia frightened and cowering. Not naturally dominant, her wolf chose to follow, not lead, and right then, Nico could see the battle Olivia was having with herself. Stand tall or submit?
Smelling her fear, Nico gripped the handle of his knife tighter, the feel of the plaited aged leather in his palm helping to calm his thundering heart. Loosening his wrist, Nico focused every inch of his body on reaching Olivia.
Steps faltering, Nico’s vision swayed. Blinking, he focused on her face, and made two more steps. With the last of his energy, Nico wrapped his arm around Bowen’s front, and with his other hand, thrust the knife upwards. The sharp claw-like tip cut easily through Bowen’s clothing and skin. Sliding through flesh, Nico twisted the blade, aiming it up behind Bowen’s ribs. Forcing air into his lungs, Nico felt himself slipping into unconsciousness.
Life drained from his limbs and his hand struggled to keep a grip on the handle of his knife. Bowen’s enraged snarl rattled around his skull. Nico heard his own gargled rasp as he fought to push the blade a little further, to twist just enough so the fine serrated edge would tear into his lungs. Yet his hand fell limp, the knife still lodged in Bowen’s side. Nico saw the next blow coming, but was helpless to defend himself. His eyes slid shut before the fist reached its target.
Collapsing to the floor, Olivia’s shrill scream echoed around the warehouse. Then quieter in the background, Nico heard the distant ring of a phone.
His body gave up its fight.

“Hey,” Olivia said softly, a shy smile on her lips.
Nico blinked open his eyes, and although he was in the most pain he’d ever experienced in his life, none of it seemed to matter because it had led to this point: waking with his head in Olivia’s lap. Her small hands brushed softly through his hair, almost absently, the pad of her thumb sweeping against his damp forehead.
“Hey,” he rasped.
They stared at each other and Nico never wanted the moment to end. For so long he’d loved her. He’d imagined her touch, he’d imagined her shy smile directed at him. None of his daydreams had a measure on the real thing.
“Your shoulder’s healing,” she whispered to him, briefly glancing up.
“Unfortunately, I think he’s pulverized my brain.”
A flash of mischief crossed her eyes. “Ah, come on, Nico, there wasn’t much to start with.” Immediately, shock registered on Olivia’s face after she spoke.
Nico laughed and a sharp pain shot through his skull. “Oh, God,” he groaned.
“I’m so sorry. I’ve no idea why I said that,” Olivia replied.
“You were playing. You’re allowed, even though I did just have my ass handed to me.”
“Oh, I don’t know, that last attempt seems to have slowed him down.” She glanced across in Bowen’s direction again.
Nico reluctantly dragged his face from Olivia’s and turned his head. Bowen was on the phone, pacing again, yet he held his other hand over his side, his fingers stained red with blood. “Missed his lung though. That’s what I was aiming for.” Looking back at Olivia, Nico made the most of being close to her. It took all his effort to not sigh from her soft strokes. “Do you know who he’s speaking too?”
“Someone named Coby. They seem to be working together.”
Bowen ended the call and turned his sights on them. “Good, you’re awake,” he snarled, prowling toward them. “No fun paying you back for this.” He lifted his hand, showing Nico the blood coating his skin, “When you aren’t present.” His phone rang again. “Hold that thought. Hello… It’s about time. What kind of alpha takes so long to respond when two of his pack are in trouble?” Bowen snarled. “Your adviser, and some pure-blood bitch. What’s your name?” Bowen yelled at Olivia.
“O-Olivia,” she stammered.
“Olivia…yeah, they’re unharmed. Boy might be a little banged up but he’ll live… Come alone, and I’ll release them… Don’t dawdle.” He ended the call. “Now where were we?”
“He said unharmed,” Olivia squeaked.
“He said alive,” Bowen replied.
Nico struggled to his feet, surprised at how much better he felt without blood pouring from his bullet wound. He wasn’t quick enough to defend himself; he’d only just straightened up when Bowen swung his own knife at Nico.
Nico shot out his palm to deflect it, but failed. The knife cut through him like butter, tearing his flesh.
“That will teach ya, boy. Next time leave the fighting to the men. Oh and I’m going to keep this pretty knife you carry.”
Rage surged like acid up Nico’s throat, a snarl ripping from him, full of aggression. Gritting his teeth, he refused to fall down. His blood spilled hot and thick, and in that moment, Nico knew if help didn’t arrive soon, he wouldn’t make it out alive.
Nico liked knifes. They were sharp, and beautiful in their ability to cut through flesh. Yet that wasn’t why Nico loved them. Shifters so easily dismissed his blade, their ability to recover quickly from most knife wounds made them complacent, but Nico’s knifes held a deadly secret. They delivered death, with a sly silence. Nico’s blades were coated in wolfsbane, and Bowen had used Nico’s knife against him.
“Found some hidden strength, have we, boy?” Bowen laughed, bracing to fight. “He said you had to be alive, so I’ll make sure you’re still breathing when he arrives.”
“Nico, no,” Olivia whispered.
Forcing himself to stand straighter, Nico smiled at Bowen, taunting him. “Bring it on, old man.”
Bowen lunged, missing Nico by a hair’s breadth. Nico was surprised at the speed he’d moved to avoid Bowen. Guess knowing you’re likely going to die, changes things.
Hearing Olivia’s frightened gasp fueled Nico’s rage. As Bowen stumbled past, Nico rammed his elbow into his back. Bowen whipped around. Snarling, he lashed out wildly, just catching Nico. It was enough though; pain erupted through Nico, stealing his breath.
Before Bowen could attack again, Bass’s voice filled the warehouse. It was both powerful and demanding. “I said alive!”
The anger drained from Nico as the weight of his alpha’s command pressed against him.
“Just returning the favor,” Bowen replied, lifting his hand away, revealing the knife wound in his side, and the blood coating his skin.
Nico watched Bass for a reaction. After years of being close, he could read him as easily as Katalina. Although he wore his mask for most of the world, Nico saw the flash of amusement cross his face, and the slight flicker of his eyes as he glanced at Nico. It was only a split second, but Nico read his message, ‘Nice work, pal.’
“I’m here alone, as asked. Let them go,” Bass demanded, his tone rough and eyes hard. He stood slightly bent, coiled to spring at any moment.
Nico swayed, blacking out for the barest of seconds.
Olivia was beside him a moment later. “Nico, are you going to be okay?” she murmured quietly, tucking herself against his side.
Nico pulled his eyes from Bass, reading Olivia’s face. She was frightened, for him. The lie rolled easily from his tongue, “Fine, I’ll be all healed within a few days.”
“Put these on first,” Bowen replied to Bass, producing handcuffs from his pocket. “They’re designed to keep naughty little wolves like you under control.”
“Let them go first.”
“Nope. Cuffs or our deal is off. I watched you turn on your own father. I can’t trust you to not attack the second they’re out of harm’s way.”
“Very well.” Bass sighed.
“Bass,” Nico hissed.
“Quiet. You’ll be leaving here and returning to pack land. Understood?”
Nico understood. It wasn’t often Bass used the power of the alpha wolf within him, but Nico sensed it within his words; he was powerless to protest. Nodding, Nico reluctantly watched his friend being cuffed and his legs bound.
Leaning on Olivia for support, Nico left the warehouse. The pain from his injuries, nothing compared to the ache within his chest.

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