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Olivia curled up and sobbed. She wrapped her arms so tightly around her knees that she’d cut her circulation off. Tingles spread from her fingers up her arms, but she didn’t seem to notice. She stared at Nico’s pale face. Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead, collecting in the long lock of hair that had fallen forwards.
Blood from the bullet wound in his shoulder, soaked his t-shirt, growing larger by the minute. Olivia trembled, her tears falling down her face and splashing onto her hands. She bit her lip, tasting the salt, wishing the broken, distraught sounds coming from her would stop.
She’d never been dominant, and after a lifetime of having her father dictate every aspect of her life, she’d accepted she was never going to be a strong independent woman.
Nico, why are you not healing?
She whispered his name in her mind, not daring to speak. He was dying and it was her fault. No one knew where she was; her father thought she was at a study group. She’d been lying to him for months. Every time she did, she’d feel worse, but this one pleasure she couldn’t, wouldn’t, give up. Her father told her what to wear and what to study. She controlled nothing but this — a few afternoons in her life where she could truly be herself, be happy. And Nico would die because of it.
The sound of glass smashing made Olivia’s eyes dart up and focus on the man who’d taken away her one piece of happiness. Bowen paced the far end of the warehouse he’d dragged her and Nico into. She hoped Mark was still alive. Bowen had left him where he’d ambushed them, as if a human wasn’t even worth kidnapping. Bowen’s anger was evident in every muscle of his body, his words harsh and full of the savage edge of his wolf.
“Finally!” he snapped, pausing in his relentless pacing, “Your alpha, now!” he growled into the phone. “What do you mean he’s not there?”
His snarl echoed off the walls making Olivia shrink back. Her stomach did a frightened flip as realization sunk in: help wasn’t coming.
Nico coughed. Olivia scrambled toward him and gently touched his face, brushing the stray lock of blond hair from his forehead.
“Nico?” she whispered, quickly glancing up to make sure Bowen was still busy shouting into the phone. “Nico? Are you all right? Can you hear me?” His eyes opened. “Nico?” she murmured, moving her face above his.
His green eyes focused on her. The smallest of smiles crossed his lips before he grimaced, his hand gingerly touching his wound.
“Ouch,” he moaned. “So much for my heroic rescue,” he mumbled, his eyes briefly closing.
“You put up a pretty good fight. He’s twice the size of you.”
Nico didn’t answer her, but mustered up a smile. He leaned up on one elbow, groaning as he moved. “Is there an exit wound?” he asked.
Olivia moved behind him. The back of his t-shirt was dirty but free of blood. “No.”
“Damn it. No wonder it’s not healing. Liv, I need you to get the bullet out.”
“What? No I can’t!” She gasped.
“Livy, please, I’ll bleed out before anyone comes for us. If it’s out, I’ll start healing.”
Livy… Olivia hated when people shortened her name, yet from Nico’s lips, it sounded…right.
“Okay,” she whispered, glancing up to check Bowen was still on the phone, pacing.
Olivia ripped his shirt so the bullet hole was visible. Sucking in a breath, forcing herself to stay calm, she stared at the small wound she’d have to pull a bullet from. She was useless in stressful situations; her father always told her. She was a weak lamb, who could only take directions. Even her friend Tory had more backbone, and she was human. Olivia smiled, imagining Tory beside her, riled up, and ready to tackle the problem head on.
“What’s so funny?” Nico asked her, his green emerald eyes boring into hers.
“I was just thinking how my friend Tory would find the prospect of digging a bullet out of your shoulder thrilling.”
“Tory…the human?”
Olivia could guess what he was thinking, Why was precious, pure blooded Olivia friends with a filthy human? The thought sent a flash of anger through her veins; she dug her nails into his flesh.
“Wh…arrh…” His words trailed off into a garbled moan. His skin visibly paled.
Olivia’s fingers brushed metal as Bowen’s voice vibrated through her bones. She felt each tremor of his heavy steps as he thundered toward them, screaming for her to stop. For once, Olivia didn’t obey an instruction. Her finger curled under the bullet, pulling it free as Bowen threw her away.
“Bitch,” he snarled, advancing on her.
Olivia couldn’t speak for the fear closing off her airways. She scrambled back, her heart finding its way to her throat. The wolf flashed into Bowen’s eyes — savage, blood thirsty, and so desperate to rip her apart.
She found air, yet the only sound from her lips was a terrified cry.
“I’m going to enjoy killing you,” Bowen said with a twisted smile.
Nico appeared. Barreling into Bowen, they sprawled to the floor.
“Nico!” Olivia gasped, finding her way to her feet. “Stop it!” she screamed as Bowen hit Nico in the face, his blood splattering the dusty concrete floor. “You’ll kill him. Stop!” Yet he didn’t seem to hear her. Olivia’s mind raced, desperate for a solution. “He’s Sebastian’s best friend. Kill him and you’ll never get what you want.”
Bowen paused. His face turned slowly toward Olivia, the smile on his face sickening. “Really? I knew they were close, but best friend?”
“Yes, yes, the alpha, he —”
“Liv…don’t,” Nico interrupted.
Bowen turned back to Nico with a snarl.
“Alpha’s adviser. He made him the Alpha’s adviser,” Olivia said in a rush.
Bowen stood up, laughing, “Alpha’s adviser, that’s not even a thing.”
“Sebastian made the position for him. That’s how much he cares for him. It would be a mistake to kill him,” Olivia said calmly, her eyes never leaving Bowen, despite her instinct screaming for her to look away.
“I’m sure he doesn’t care,” Bowen mumbled, the look on his face saying he just wanted to spill blood.
Desperate for Bowen to leave Nico, Olivia said things she didn’t mean. “Think about it, Bowen, he’s just a half blood. His father is nothing special. Why would Sebastian make up some silly position for him if he didn’t matter?”
Bowen turned his attention from Nico to Olivia. A smug smile formed on his lips. “Well then, little miss, I have no use for you then, do I? I’ve been watching Dark Shadow for a while, looking for some way to reach Sebastian. You’re pureblood but not really significant, so I held off taking you in hopes I’d find someone of more worth, but it turns out you’re the only one stupid enough to be off pack land without protection. Well, apart from him.”
Olivia backed away until she hit the wall. Bowen’s words taunting her. Not significant…Unworthy… Stupid… Her breathing grew heavy as he neared, and although she wished not to show Bowen how much he frightened her, it was an impossible task. “Please,” she whispered. Her eyes darted to Nico as he climbed to his feet, staggering toward them. His hand pressed against his side as he half bent over. Blood poured from the cut above his eye, but the look he held as he stumbled toward her was one of determination, of a need to save her.
It was then, as Bowen towered above her, ready to deliver her death, she saw what Nico felt. She saw it written on his face, and in the deepest depths of his eyes.
He loved her.

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