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“Damn it!” Nico muttered. Stopping in his tracks, he looked around, not recognizing his surroundings. How did I end up here? His feet had guided him on instinct, but after a quick glance at his watch, he regretted not paying more attention to the direction he’d walked. He was late, so late that Bass would strip the skin from his body.
“Way to go, Alpha Adviser!” he grumbled to himself. Setting off again, his feet guided him to places unknown.
Nico had already been late when he’d left school. He since regretted the smartass words he’d snapped in class. The words which had earned him detention. He may have made it back, even after detention but he just couldn’t keep his mouth shut. He clenched his fists at the memory. Why did I muttered those words?
Pausing again, his eyes scanning the empty streets lined with industrial buildings, broken down warehouses, and an office building here and there, Nico couldn’t understand what had drawn him here.
A breeze whipped across his face, the cold biting into his skin. Nico gazed at the sky and brushed his hair from his face. Dark, angry clouds sat heavy in the distance and the air felt charged, promising a storm. His wolf shifted uneasily beneath his skin. He’d been irritable all day, and was probably the reason he’d lost control of his smart mouth.
The irrational urge to hit something surged up inside of him. You are such an idiot, Nic! Bass gave you this chance and you’ve screwed it up.
Alpha’s Adviser, the official title Bass — his best friend and alpha — had bestowed him. A title many thought he’d not earned. Most members of the pack were aware of their friendship, but Nico knew Bass hadn’t just given him the title because of their relationship. Bass wasn’t wired that way. He gave him the honor because he thought he could excel at the job — the job Bass made up.
Nico had declined when he’d first been asked, telling Bass he’d gone crazy. It had been Katalina, Bass’s mate, who’d chased after him. He smiled, remembering the determined look in her eyes. It was the look she always wore when she planned to never let a subject go. She’d explained that it had been both of their idea’s, which really hadn’t made him feel more inclined to accept, but her next words had made him see that maybe they were right.
There’s going to be a lot of change, Nico. We need someone who the pack trusts, to watch for unease, to hear their worries, to make them feel safe.
He’d snapped at her, telling her that none of the enforcers trusted him, but as always, Katalina had a comeback.
You’re right, they don’t, but that is exactly why we need you. You’re our eyes and ears, Nico. You can walk unseen among the people of this pack, the members, which in the past have been seen as less. We need you. The pack needs you.
He accepted the title, ignored the sneers and jibes from the enforcers, and the pure bloods, because Katalina was right; she’d been the catalyst to change. A new dawn had begun within the wolves’ world, and not everyone felt easy about it. The ordinary members of the pack were scared, uncertain. They needed him to reassure them they were safe, that their concerns and wishes would be listened too.
Another gust of wind circled around him. His body froze and the wolf within him stood to attention.
But the scent made no sense. Why would Olivia be out there?
His feet carried him, quick, light, and silent. He scented the air, following the pull he felt for her.
As Nico rounded the corner, he saw her. His heart sped up, his breath catching as he looked at the girl he’d loved for as long as he could remember. He couldn’t help the swell of disappointment as a human male ran across the street to greet her. They embraced, the smile on his face, wide and genuine. Nico couldn’t see Olivia’s face, but her stance told Nico she was happy to meet him.
Who is this man?
Just as Nico turned to leave, deciding his heart couldn’t stand watching her with another man for much longer, he caught scent of another. That scent he recognized…it meant trouble.
He was running toward Olivia when Bowen stepped from the shadows. Olivia didn’t sense him, her attention solely on the human male. As Bowen’s hand rose up above the human, Olivia saw him, yet there was no time to react. Even her shifter speed couldn’t have saved the human.
The human male dropped like a sack after Bowen’s gun connected with the back of his head. Olivia’s scream carried with the wind, aggravating Nico further.
Before Olivia could escape, Bowen took hold of her, and threw her to the ground with a satisfied smile. Bowen, too busy laughing at Olivia as he kicked her curled-up form, never sensed Nico leaping for him. Nico’s impact echoed around them like thunder. Taking aim, he slammed his fist into Bowen’s face, and then took satisfaction from his grunt of pain.
Bowen snarled at Nico, struggling against his hold. Hitting his face again, driven by his need to protect Olivia, Nico broke Bowen’s nose, but this only enraged Bowen further. Bowen was a large man, his height and width much larger than Nico’s. His savage nature and joy of fighting made him a hard man to beat. Bowen seemed to become stronger with every hit Nico made and as the wolf flashed into Bowen’s eyes, Nico realized he’d dived into a fight he wasn’t equipped to win.
The sound of a gunshot rang in his ears as fire ripped through his shoulder. The pain stole any strength he had left, and as his vision began to fade, Olivia cried his name. He wanted to tell her he’d save her, that everything would be all right, but as a heavy numbness pressed against him, dragging him into unconsciousness, Nico realized his words wouldn’t have been true.

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